Juampas is a small village in the centre plateau of Haiti near the Dominican Republic. Centre as its name suggests is a department in the center of the country. It runs along the Dominican Republic’s border and has an area of 3,675 km² and a population of 564,200 (2002). Its capital is Hinche. To get to Juampas from Port-au-Prince you travel on National Route 3, taking a ride into the mountainside north of the capital and into the countryside.

There is nowhere to shop in Juampas. There are no soccer pitches. But there is a church. And there is now a medical clinic and a school: both built by HOPEH. There are many people who are in need, but anyone who visits Juampas quickly becomes part of the larger community and part of a family.

To better understand our outreach to Juampas Village and the surrounding community, we want to provide you with a broader view of the country of Haiti and why its people, especially our children, are in need of our services: