We are very thankful for the supportive team members that help keep HOPEH going. Below is a brief overview of our active Board in the U.S.,Our Advisory Board and Board Members in Haiti.

Rev. Holly Hartman (President)
: Holly has been on the board of HOPEH since 2011.  She has great passion for Haiti, especially for the people of Juampas and Lascahobas.  Holly is a vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church andserves the Deacon for Global Mission Partnerships in the Diocese of Massachusetts.  She is married to Lester Hartman, "Dr. James",  and they have two daughters,  Sarah and Laura

Peter Michelson (Vice President): Peter Michelson is delighted to be working on the HOPEH Board.  He joined the Board in 2013, though he has been traveling to Haiti, and the village of Juampas,  since approximately 2007.  He has come to love the Haitian people and their country, and he considers himself very lucky to be able to pursue his passion in working on this mission.

Carol Terry (Treasurer): Carol is a business consultant with a BS in Accounting from Babson College and a MBA from Bentley College.   She is pleased to be a member of the board of directors to provide assistance to the people of Haiti.

Karen McCarthy (Secretary): Karen is a former teacher. She has a desire for all of the children in Juampas to have access to an education and runs our sponsorship program at the Marie Louise School. She believes that because of HOPEH’s concurrent dedication to clean water, nutrition, healthcare, and education that the people of Juampas have a fighting chance to overcome poverty.

David Ray: David handles IT.


Dr. Lester James Hartman M.D. is the senior associate at Westwood/Mansfield Pediatrics. He is an instructor at Harvard and Boston University Medical Schools. He began practicing pediatrics in 1986. Dr. Hartman has been traveling to Haiti for years with his wife, Holly, and two daughters, Laura and Sarah.


Jothson Pollas

Abel Semexant  (Secretary)  is a Minister and a school principal.  He is very active on helping his community by helping them to understand the importance of education.  Abel is from the Juampas area and is very proud to serve his community

Albert Vicent    (treasurer)   Albert is from Lascahobas.  He works as a teacher in one of the public school in Lascahobas.  His background on education motivates him to help the children in the area.   He is very grateful for all the organizations that are helping in Haiti.


Combined U.S. and Haitian Boards of HOPEH