Mt. Carroll Medical Clinic

Our full service medical clinic (Clinique Mt Carroll de Juampas) opened in 2006. It is a 3000 square foot facility built collaboratively with the Haitian people and the Carroll County Haiti Mission Project (CCHMP). The clinic sees 10,000 to 14,000 visits per year. Dr. Waking and the nurses vaccinate infants, manage a comprehensive malnutrition program, and treat chronic diseases as well as deadly infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, and cholera. All medications are no cost to the patients and unfortunately many of the chronic disease medications (high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease) are in short supply.

Currently, we are building a dental clinic on the second floor of the medical clinic with the collaboration of the CCHMP. The clinics are very necessary to serve the rural and mountainous population in the surrounding areas of Juampas, Haiti.

Dr. Marcellus Waking is the highly skilled physician who grew up in Juampas and returned to serve the people of his hometown.

To maintain our program we need your help. Below are the costs:

1) Medication- minimum $24,000 per year.
2) Malnutrition program- $15,000 per year to stabilize about 100 young children per month.
3) Personnel in the clinic (8 employees) $48,000 per year.
4) Accountant and Board of Directors $3000

Outreach projects of the clinic:

1) Public Health projects such as sustaining community healthcare workers to go out to the village to monitor compliance with medications, monitor nutrition of infant and children and elderly and discuss hygiene and reproductive health with the families.  Approximately $3500 per year)