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When HOPEH first formed back in 1998 we began sponsoring children in the Juampas community so that they could attend school.
As of October 2011, HOPEH with the support of our donors has constructed a new primary school, the Marie-Louise School. Before this school was built many of the children traveled miles often without shoes on their feet to attend other schools in the region. In the past we supported those teachers as well in order to provide as many children as possible with a quality education.

Of the 170 students in the new school which is centrally located in Juampas, only 40 of them currently have sponsors. We are in great need of your support to help all of the children attend the new facility, eat a hot meal, and receive quality health care. HOPEH, Inc, a 501c3 organization, supports the Mt. Carroll Medical Clinic, the future dental clinic, the Plumpy Nut nutrition program, the Soup Kitchen Project, and several other projects that all serve to benefit the children and the greater community.

You may choose to given an annual donation of $150 (US dollars) or monthly:

1. One year’s school tuition for one child ($150)
2. One year's salary for a teacher: $1,400


In return, a sponsor receives an annual picture with updated information about their child. We do this through having personal contact ourselves with each child on our mission trips. You can also build a relationship with the child by visiting the children on a mission team to Juampas.

HOPEH joins thousands of other aid agencies in trying to meet the UN Millennium Development Goal to, “ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.” We are working closely with the Ministry of Education in Haiti; we follow the curriculum guidelines set by the government with additional lessons that we provide.

We encourage you to make a significant difference in the life of a Haitian child and in turn, receive the benefits of a relationship with a beautiful child.

Make a Difference Today and Sponsor now.