There are so many ways to assist HOPEH:

Monetary Donations:

You can help us by making a monetary donation of any size, and your contribution is tax deductible. Your donation can be a one time commitment or you can ask how your donation could be ongoing.  Please donate HERE

Mission Project to Haiti

The volunteer fee is $300 USD.  Your trip fee includes salaries for the workers, airport pickup and return, transportation while in Juampas, accommodation, meals during your placement, security, and an administrative charge

Click here for our Missions Info Packet

Others ways to get involved:

1. Message everyone in the world by Email, Facebook, and Twitter or any of the other 15,000 social networking sites!. Send at least 3 messages to everyone you’ve ever met. Your first email should just be about asking people to donate to HOPEH. The second two can be about updating everyone on how your fundraising project is going, thanking everyone for supporting you, and then be sure to explain how if everyone just gives $25 more (or whatever nuber is right for your project), you’ll hit your goal and you really need everyone to help.

2.  Start a fundraising project or Sponsor a Donation drive of Medicine.

3.  Throw an event.  There are hundreds of different events that could raise money for your organization. From      auctions, to parties, to dinners and much more. Fundraising events don’t have to be large to make a big profit – events vary in size from a small home party with a dozen people to outdoor festivals with thousands of people. I’ve chosen these five events as some of the best because of their fundraising potential and ability to scale in size.

4.  Silent auctions are often added on to other events such as dinners and galas. They are great ways to increase your fundraising revenues at these events. Silent auctions are often very popular with attendees, especially if there are some great prizes. Online auctions for charity can be a good way to raise funds as an alternative to in person auctions.

5.  Dinners are one of the most popular, tried and true events and there are actually many ways to hold a dinner fundraiser. The menu can be anything from burgers and fries to a gourmet black tie dinner or anything in between. Dinner fundraisers aren’t just limited to “dinner time” either. You can host a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or brunch meal.  To make a dinner fundraiser most successful, schedule a program that will draw in more people. A musical performance, play, speaker, fashion show or dance will draw in more participants. Hosting additional fundraisers such as raffles and auctions will help raise more money.

6.  Golf Tournaments are complex.  Many special event planners have a love/hate relationship with golf events. They are a traditional fundraiser that can be a great money maker or on the flipside can be a big money and time drain. The trick is in the planning and execution of the event. First time golf tourneys should start small and build depending on what works best for your audience, organization and location.

7.  Raffles raise funds through the sales of tickets, or chances, to win a particular prize. They can be a great fundraiser because of the low cost and high profit potential. Legal restrictions about raffles vary by location so research applicable state and local laws thoroughly.

8.  A Trivia Night fundraiser is a fun way to raise money or awareness for your cause. Most Trivia Nights are held at a restaurant or pub so they are great for a group of 10 to 50. It’s very scalable so it can be an even larger event too. You’ll raise funds by charging admission and having extra fundraisers such as raffles and auctions. It may be fun to hold a Haiti Trivia night to make the event customized to HOPEH.